Steps for the Activity

  1. Watch the Pharrel Williams' Happy dance choreography, form a circle, and practice the dance together.

  2. step02_dancecardRobot Now start hacking the dance. The first person changes a step.

  3. step03_dancecardRobotThe person to the left dances the new step and either hacks that step or hacks another step.

  4. step04_dancecardRobot Repeat until everyone has danced. After the last person has made their hack, everyone practices the new dance together.


Help clarify what it means to hack. Ask the learners:
  • How did you hack the dance?
  • Discuss the rules — what were they?
  • Was the end dance the same as the beginning dance?
  • What should we name our dance now?
  • Is the original dance destroyed?
Talk about the mechanics of the game and break down the activity.
  • What actions were you doing while hacking?
  • What was the goal of the activity? To create a new dance by hacking.
  • What made the dance fun? Discuss creativity and co-developing the project.
  • How do you think hacking a dance will be similar to hacking a website?


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